Rabbit Planet
Meme Coin On Solana

The best community MEME project on Sol with staking to earn more RPGPT tokens daily.

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Big Rewards. Great Features.


0.1% of all RPGPT tokens staked are burned forever reducing the supply of RPGPT overtime.

Earn Rewards
Staking RPGPT

Choose a staking time frame you're comfortable with 
and which staking pool has the apr you like, then stake and earn RPGPT

Liquidity Burned

Liquidity Pool was burned at launch, preventing the liquidity pool from being rugged.

Strong Staking Rewards Pool

When staking RPGPT tokens Early Withdraw incurs a 5% early withdraw fee that remains in the rewards pool

This occurs to help the rewards pool stay filled over time.

NFT Collection

Rabbit Planet has an NFT collection coming soon.

Less Fees,
Easy To Use

Rabbit Planet was built on Solana and has low gas fees for transactions.

The best community MEME Coin

On Solana

stake your
rpgpt tokens

Stake your RPGPT and Earn Yield on your stake


Our Roadmap

Q2 2024
Stealth Launch & Liquidity burned
1,000 Community Members
1,000 Holders
$1,000,000 Marketcap
CoinmarketCap listing
Staking Dapp
Q3 2024
Rabbit Planet NFT Collection
2000 Holders
Q4 2024
More to be announced
Q1 2025
More to be announced

Official Contract:

buy $RPGPT
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How to buy

Download & setup Phantom wallet

Download Phantom Wallet (a crypto wallet in form of a browser extension) or Phantom Wallet App (an app for your phone).

Buy and send Sol to Phantom Wallet

Buy Sol on an exchange (i.e. Crypto.com, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your Phantom wallet address. (Must send to wallet on the Solana Network)

Head on over to Jupiter and swap for $RPGPT tokens

Click here to head on over to Jupiter and use this Contract address (FPZLDVHs3UwdCLTvUkLRx4xvmB72yKGCLaMq7gqFiMPn) to select RPGPT.

Add RPGPT To Phantom Wallet

Swap Sol for RPGPT. Now you need to add RPGPT to your Phantom Wallet to view your RPGPT tokens. (If it isn't showing in your wallet already)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RPGPT Token?

RPGPT is a meme token built on Solana that has staking and NFTs (coming soon.) This means that you will be able to take advantage of RPGPT rewards with staking.

Is there a maximum amount of RPGPT Tokens you can stake?

You can stake up to 9,000,000 RPGPT tokens. If you try to stake more the dapp will not allow you to proceed when hitting the stake button.

What staking periods are there and what are the reward percentages for them?

You can stake your RPGPT for 7 days (0.1% Per Day Rewards), 14 days (0.3% Per Day Rewards) and 30 days (0.5% per day rewards)

How do the fees work?

Each time a user initializes a stake 0.1% of that amount will be burned. Every user that decides to withdraw their staked tokens before the staking period ends there will be a 5% early stake withdraw fee that will remain in the rewards pool to maintain a strong staking rewards pool.